Hard cider

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, hard cider is one of the most popular choices. Now I am not talking about typical cider but the hard cider. This beverage has been the choice for people for hundreds of years and is made from apples. There are some things you should know about hard cider that you may have not known before. So let’s dive into it!

  1. Hard Cider Can Be Aged

Believe it or not you can age hard cider if you do it correctly. Typically when a cider ages it begins to become drier since they are never done conditioning. You want to look for ciders that are over 6% and want to try and avoid commercial ciders. The commercial ciders are pasteurized with a shelf life of just 2 years or they can be sterile-conditioned. If you try to age these types of cider you will just end up with cider vinegar which would be awful! You are best to buy a non-commercial cider to avoid this threat altogether.

  1. More Flavors Than a Plain Old Apple

When looking for a cider that will suit your taste needs, there can be tons of different types ranging from a sweet taste to a more dry taste. There are also ciders that include just one type of apple while others can have a variety of apples blended together. With all of these possibilities you end up with a ton of different flavors. You can easily find a flavor that interests you most if you try the different range offered. To start off you may want to try a cider that offers a sweet taste and then go ahead and try a cider that has a dry taste. After doing this you will be able to grasp the differences in cider and look to go into a more particular type of cider.

  1. The Industry Has the Room to Grow

The hard cider industry in the United States makes up for less than 1 percent of alcoholic beverages consumed. What does this mean? It shows that the industry can expand as more producers hop into the industry. There are always new companies hoping into the industry as we can see with beer and their microbreweries. It is just a matter of the industry jumping in popularity. The new companies emerging will be the ones to create a new trend in the beverage.

There is a lot to know when it comes to the hard cider industry. You should consider trying a brand and seeing if this type of alcohol interests you. You might just end up being surprised and become a hard cider fan.