Cider makers

There are many different brands of cider in the US but only a few can shine above the rest.

There are three brands of cider that shine compared to the others so if you are looking to sip on a glass of cider and feel confident you are drinking the best of the best, look no further.

Three cider makers are looked over in this article to help bring to light what popular cider makers’ look like.

1. Foggy Ridge Cider (

The company started in 1997 in Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains. Its Foggy Ridge Serious Cider is well known for its yellow apple and super acidic finish. The cider is originally made in Virginia. The Foggy Ridge is made with four different kinds of apples which includes the Ashmead Kernel and the Rocksbury Red. The drink can taste a bit dry and only has small bubbles like a low dosage Champagne. This type of cider is best to be paired with foods such as a crisp fall salad.

2. West County Cider, Baldwin (

The West County Winery started up in 1984 and has been making tasty beverages ever since. If you are looking for a cider that has rare apples then the Baldwin will be a choice to consider. The cider is made in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and pairs up nicely with a Thanksgiving dinner. The drink has a fresh quality to it and makes a fantastic aroma that goes well with a Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Original Sin Cidery (

Well known for their Original Sin Cherry Tree cider, this company makes fantastic blends on cider that will interest anyone who enjoys a good glass. The beverage would go well with dried fruit and squash and offers a bright acidity.

Where This Leaves You

After looking at these three cider makers in the US, you can get a better grip on what to look for when you are going to buy a bottle of cider. These companies also do offer other types of cider but their popular brands were featured here. So what are you waiting for? Buy a bottle and taste some fantastic cider for that special day!