Cider and diets: our take

It has always been mentioned that apple cider vinegar can be very effective in making people lose weight but some experts argue that there is not enough evidence to support that this claim is true. Yet, a lot of people have said that cider has changed their lives for the better as they were able to lose weight that they never thought they would be able to lose.


According to some reports, cider can actually lower blood sugar levels of the body and of course, this can be beneficial as it can change the way that the body handles starch. When the body is able to digest starch better, this can lead to a faster metabolism and ultimately, allow you to shed those unwanted pounds in order to reach your goal weight. Cider works even with diets like HCG, as well as many others. Actually, HCG drops make a good supplement for cider. Of course, it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor before starting any diet plan, and especially, when combining it with things like apple cider.

Since cider can be a bit acidic, it is recommended that people who may have low tolerance for acidity may want to avoid this as it can affect their digestion greatly. If you do not have problems with high acid foods, you know that this is one method that you can try.

Some Tips to Remember

Do remember that in order to make cider work out for you, here are some tips that you have to follow:

  1. Consume just a little bit of cider vinegar – You have to remember that cider vinegar is different from cider which you can usually consume more. Cider vinegar is more acidic which means that you do not have to consume a lot in order to make it work out for you. At the same time, your throat and esophagus might get affected if you consume too much apple cider vinegar.

You are recommended to mix just a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with your water that you can drink before meals. If you cannot take the taste of cider vinegar with water, you may place it over the food that you are going to eat as long as it will not alter the taste so much.

  1. Make sure that you have the right apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar may all have differences because there are so many factors that may affect how it will be like. Remember that you can always choose the apple cider vinegar which you think can be the most effective for you.
  2. Still limit the things that you eat – You might think that just because you have already taken in apple cider vinegar, this will allow you to eat all the things that you want to eat. This is not the case at all. Rather, what you can do is just make sure that you will regularly consume it and at the same time, do not eat too much of those fatty food products that you are fond of.

Other Benefits of Cider

Do you know that aside from weight loss, you may actually get more benefits from taking in cider? Here are some of the benefits that you may be able to get:

  • Cider contains pectin – You can be sure that apples contain a lot of pectin which can make you feel fuller than usual. This can suppress your appetite so that you will feel better.
  • Can help reduce body odor – Cider can help adjust the pH levels of the body which means that this can help reduce body odor significantly. You may choose to place this on the body part which you think can benefit from cider or you may also consume it regularly just to maintain the pH levels of your body in general.
  • Can help people with diabetes cope better – Since blood sugar can be regulated well by apple cider vinegar, this can be highly effective in making people with diabetes feel better in general.

Now that you already know the various things that you have to do, you can be sure that cider can give you various benefits which includes weight loss.

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